„Tomorrow´s Human Nature“ is the 3rd edition of the artisticDialogue, a project that brings together two artists to collaborate over the course of two months on a project conceived and mentored by inspiring academics.

„Man is something that needs to be overcome“ – is what Nietzsche postulated in his Zarathustra around the end of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 21st century, the superman has found his technology-based counterpart in a transhumanism that sees itself as an international, cultural and intellectual movement with the goal to improve human nature through the use of technology.

The targeted life-form is the human machine, the cyborg, as a utopia of evolutionary and biologial technology through the fusion of body and technological prosthesis. Whether bio-hacking, body-modification, aesthetic, plastical, cosmetic surgery or surgery for changing one’s sex: the relationship between man and his body is constantly objectified, deliberately disturbed, one’s own body becomes an object which can – thanks to technological progress – be changed at will for less and less money moving towards a better, improved, more suitable man, both on the inside and outside.

But how does this technological and physical change of being human influence the way we see ourselves, the way we see others or our social life? How will our relationship to our bodies change, if the latter increasingly become objects to modification? And what hopes and fears do we project onto our self-chosen new creation?
timoTimo Maier (DE) – Graduate of German Literature, Philosophy and History from RWTH Aachen. He is an expert in digital communication strategies and their concepts with a special focus on social interactions and new collective processes shaping art, politics and society. As a freelance consultant he works for agencies, corporations and art projects. He is also founder of transdemo e. V. (non-profit association for politics, arts and technology) and a passionate observer of internet phenomena.


Roberta Busechian, was born in Triest, Italy, studied Fine Arts in Venice and since 2013 the Masters “Art in Context” in the UdK in Berlin. Her areas of interest are sound installation and study of sound in general. Works: I miss my enemies, Soundperformance presented in the 54th Venice Biennale, Deconstruction. Architecture, a light and sound installation presented in Salzburg in 2012. Analytische Modulationen II, concert in Venice in 2012. Artistic residencies: Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como (Italien), 2012; Stipendiatin der Salzburg Summer Academy, 2012.
thomasThomas Heidtmann  was born in Berlin in 1982. He studied until 2010 at the UdK Berlin Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting in different classes, among others of Daniel Richter and Bernd Koberling. After this time he devoted himself more to the creation of interactive installations and the research of participative art approachments. He works collaboratively, for example since 2012 as a member at Freies Ausstellungskollektiv FAK, 2011 as part of MaerzMusik in Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (What Got You Here Won‘t Get You There, Egill Sæbjörnsson), at an Opera project in cooperation with the University of Music Hanns Eisler (Und er so: „Aimez-vous Brahms?“ und ich: „Non. Pourquoi?“, Franziska Kronfoth). Own works (among others): Revolving Mirror, interactive object, 2013, Cassa Blanca, interactive object, 2012, Push and Pull, interactive installation, 2011.
anaperfilBWAna Sanfrutos Cano is a curator and art promoter based in Berlin. She graduated in Philosophy in Spain and studied Kunstwissenschaft in the Universität Potsdam. She has been developing art projects for a couple of years curating all the exhibitions of the art platform Circular Culture which she also co-founded. She joined the BcmArte collective in the summer 2014 to precisely help with the developing of this Artistic Dialogue. During her studies, she specialized in the New Flesh, which could be considered as an early aesthetic and philosophical eruption of the Transhumanistic problematic. She is also an Internet addict.